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Getting a Removals Quote: Sizing it all up 

How to get an accurate removals quote.

So, you’ve looked at your stuff from every angle.  You have scratched your head and rubbed your chin in a thoughtful way. Maybe you have vainly waved a tape measure around hoping a scientific approach may help. However hard you try it is just not happening. You simply cannot work out how to get an accurate storage or removals quote. 

At PODS Moving and Storage, customer service is our top priority so we have come up with some easy ways we can help you with this perplexing issue. We want you to have the perfect storage or removals experience so with our online or home survey options you’ll know precisely how much to budget for your removals or storage needs. 

Sometimes technology can help (yes, really)

Our online survey is designed to guide you through the steps you need to take to get a great storage or removals quote. Our online form gives you a huge choice of household items in picture form for you to select those goods that match your own. 

Simply choose the number of each item you own from the drop down box. No measuring, no typing and all completed in an orderly, stress-free manner. Just use your tablet computer to wander from room to room picking all that applies.

That way, when you press ‘finalise’ you know everything has been included and you’ve not once had to resort to ripping out lumps of hair in frustration! Perfect. 

If we have any questions we’ll give you a call a clear things up. Find the survey here: How easy is that?

I’m not very good on computers (so not easy at all!)

You are quite right to remind us! We are so caught up in this technological age we forget there are some people who don’t use technology or find it difficult. Sorry about that.  

It’s no problem though. If computers, tablets, and stuff like that aren’t your thing then we can arrange a free home survey.  

As long as you are in the Manchester area, we are more than happy to pop to your place, do a survey for you and provide you with an accurate storage or removals quote.  We can even book the job for you there and then. All you have to do is give our lovely team a call and we will arrange a convenient time for one of our experts to visit and do the survey for you. It will be our pleasure

Ready, Set, Move (or store)

So whichever method you choose to get a storage or removals quote you’ll know exactly how much it’ll cost. Then all you need to do is book your job with the team at PODS Self Storage and we’ll take care of everything for you. Didn’t we say it was easy?