PODS v Shipping Containers: Mercedes Benz

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently delivered three of our PODS Storage Containers to Mercedes Benz to provide them with on-site storage! After looking at a shipping container option they soon decided that the dark, damp, ugly nature of shipping containers didn’t coincide with their state of the art dealership. After having a chat with the guys at Mercedes they decided PODS would provide the perfect solution!

Feeling Secure

Most importantly they needed a storage solution that was clean, dry and secure, which is exactly what PODS provide. When hiring a PODS Container from us the client uses their own padlock so they remain in complete control of their belongings. All our containers are weather resistant and have been tested to withstand winds of up to 110 miles per hour – so Mercedes can rest assured that their prestigious vehicles won’t be flying off anytime soon. All our PODS Containers are also fitted with e-track multi points so that bungee cords and ropes can be used to help secure the contents.

Fitting in

Mercedes Benz needed some additional on-site storage that would fit with the look of their dealership and our PODS Containers fitted that brief perfectly. Our purpose built containers are clean, eye-catching, distinctive and definitely look better than any shipping container! The interior also boasts some wooden flooring that adds a little bit of elegance to the container.

So what’s the cost

So now let’s tackle the question that’s on everyone’s lips: the cost. Apart from being significantly cheaper to deliver than a shipping container, PODS’ revolutionary patented PODZILLA lifting system makes placing them simple, easy and cost effective. If Mercedes were to go for the shipping container option they’d have had to of paid for a crane to lift them into the dealership, increasing the cost even further. The PODZILLA system also minimises the shift of any contents during transit so there’s no need to worry about any dints in the new AMGs.

Paul from Mercedes commented:

“I’m really happy with the simplicity and ease of hiring a PODS container; from the initial call through to the delivery. They look great at our dealership and we believe this is the ideal storage solution for our business!”

We’re really glad we were able to help Mercedes Benz with their on-site storage and we hope this is a start to a long lasting relationship!

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