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Complete Checklist For Moving Into A New Home (2024)


Moving into a new home in 2024 is an exciting opportunity full of new possibilities. However, whether you decide to relocate to a new city, region, or even another country, moving into a new home is an exciting yet challenging affair. Moving into a new house is a big change and it can only be done successfully with proper planning and preparation.

So, if you’re planning to move in or around the Greater Manchester area, here is a complete checklist that will make your transition process not only easier but also enjoyable.

Things You Need For A Successful Move

While there are many things that you need to tick off your checklist before, during, and after you move into a new home, these things are absolutely essential:

Create A Timeline

Oftentimes, you will know months or at least a few weeks before you decide to move. Take this time to plan ahead and make your transition easier. Make a timeline of what you need to do and when to avoid any last minute hassle. Your timeline should include things like packing, setting up utilities, hiring a moving company, and purchasing essential items.

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Pick and Choose

Before starting with any packing, sort through your belongings to see what you need to take with you and what needs to be thrown away, sold, or donated. Declutter your space early on to avoid taking unnecessary items with you.

Pack One Room At A Time

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To make your packing experience seamless, pick one room at a time and pack that. This will help you stay organised and you’ll also avoid missing out on any essential items. Also, try and use recyclable containers and boxes for packing your belongings to minimise waste.

Set Up Essentials

A few days prior to your move, contact your utility provider to arrange for all your services to be disconnected from your current home and be set up in your new house. These can include any wifi connections, electricity, gas, and water.

Update Your Address

Change your address at all the important institutions like post office, banks, and any other subscriptions that you may have. This will help you receive important correspondence to your new address upon your arrival. Read our handy blog on “how to re-direct your post”.

Hire or Arrange Help

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To help you move all your heavy furniture such as cupboards, television, refrigerators, cabinets, and more out and into your new place of residence, you’ll need to hire a professional moving company in advance. Take a look at some good moving companies in your area and hire them for your designated date.

Children and Pets

If you’re moving into a new place with kids or pets, make sure that they’re well taken care of on the day of your move. Hire a caretaker for them to ensure their safety on the moving day. Or, if you’re taking them to the new place with you via car, especially your pets, make sure that they’re handled responsibly during your move. Remember to update their microchip details too!

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Pack A Kit

On your moving day, pack an emergency kit that has all the essentials you may need during your move. This can include first aid, water, toiletries, snacks, and necessary documents. Also, pack your essentials and valuable items with you to take instead of putting them in the moving truck.

Final Walkthrough

Before you leave, take a quick round around the old home to see if all the switches are turned off, all plugs are disconnected, all utilities have been packed up and moved into the trucks and everything is tidy for the new occupants.

Wrap Up

Moving into a new house is never an easy process. With this list, we aim to make it a little easy for you. This checklist is a little guide into the most important things that you should look out for while moving out and into your new home. Other important things like informing your friends and family about your move and organising your utilities into your new home should also be included in your checklist. This is a basic outline of what you should look for.

Feel free to add more items as you prepare your own checklist.