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How to Feng Shui your Home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese spatial law that revolves around how you organise your home. The whole purpose of this idea is to achieve harmony within your property. While it has roots in Buddhism and Taoism, feng shui is now a popular interior design concept around the world. So, how do you do it? Here are some top tips to help you get started:

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Place the most important object in the commanding position

The commanding position is essential to feng shui as a concept. Essentially, this position means that things should be facing the door. But, not just anything, the most important object in the room. For a bedroom, this would be your bed. In the kitchen, you need your oven to face the door.

The door to each room is where energy passes through, which is why you need a connection between it and the most important pieces. If you can’t arrange your rooms like this, then a good tip is to use mirrors to keep the doorway insight of the main object in a room.

front door clutter free

Keep the front door clear

Don’t leave any clutter around your front door. This is the mouth of qi – the first place where energy flows through your home. A key element of feng shui involves keeping this door as spacious and bright as possible. Thus, it is a more inviting space that encourages good energy to flow throughout your property.

Create clear pathways in your home

Your use of space is very critical when it comes to feng shui. Primarily, you need to arrange your furniture to leave clear pathways for you to traverse. You should be able to walk around your home without finding any obstacles in your way.

For instance, in your living room, don’t have lots of stools of pouffes blocking your path. Likewise, arrange the coffee table so it isn’t an obstacle, allowing you to flow freely around the room.

large living room feng shui your home

Maximise space

Similarly, you need to maximise the space in your home. Lost of people believe that feng shui is the original concept to encourage decluttering. This is somewhat true, but it’s more about creating space than removing clutter.

Look at your bedroom or bathroom; think about ways you can let go of the clutter in these spaces. Remove empty bottles from your shower, keep things tidied away, etc. You want your rooms to become these open spaces that don’t feel cramped and cluttered.

Add greenery to your home

Plants signify life in feng shui. Filling your home with green plants can be an excellent way of symbolising life and creating good energy in the property. Plants go well in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms and hallways.

plant selection to feng shui your home

Furthermore, it is a smart idea to use very basic colours in your home. Stick to things like whites and off-whites as they symbolise purity.

So there you have it – the top tips to feng shui your home

Achieving feng shui may require some big changes in your home. But, when applied correctly, it can help you create a bright and spacious property that’s full of good chi.

Enjoy your space and enjoy your home. It is your safe space and your haven. And if you need more space in your life – you can always call PODS!