Secure Archive and Document Storage

We know how important it is to keep records and documents safe. At PODS we offer a bespoke archive storage solution.

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Archive and document storage solutions

Responsible businesses understand that keeping accurate paperwork is an important aspect of their work. Secure archive and document storage is often a legal or regulatory requirement. In some cases, businesses need to store information for up to seven years and beyond. That’s a lot of paper.

Storing order information, receipts, tax and accounts, HR records or customer files takes up a lot of space. Not to mention the cost and security implications associated with keeping your files safe.

PODZilla Lift System

We Deliver

We deliver an empty PODS Container to your location, whenever and wherever you need it.

You Load or We Load

Load the PODS Container your way, in your own time; or we can load it for you - you choose!

Warehouse Storage

We Store

Keep your PODS Container at your location or we can store it in our secure Storage facility.

Safe and Secure

At PODS, we offer a convenient and easy to use archive and document storage solution. When you store your files with PODS, you can be sure they will be secure. Our storage facilities are staffed 24/7 and have enhanced security features including CCTV and monitored access.

Additionally, our unique storage units are designed to keep your documents in tip-top condition. No matter how long they are with us for. Contact us today for your FREE archive storage quote.


We come to you

Because of the way we work – we can bring the storage to your office for you to load your files into so you know exactly where you put things when you need to access them.

Don’t waste time sending employees out to a storage centre with important files when we can come to you!

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24/7 Access

Should you need access to your documents they are available at all times. You can quickly locate what you need no matter how late in the day it is. So if the auditors or HMRC need to see any or all your files there will be no problem. You can get them anytime.

We just ask for 24 hours notice and we can either deliver the storage unit back to your premises or you can pop down to our local storage centre to collect what you need.

PODS Warehouse Container Storage

PODS the safe and secure choice

PODS bring the storage directly to your business premises and take your files away to be safely and securely stored until need to access them to retrieve certain files or paperwork.

Should you need access to your documents they are available at all times. Just give us 24 hours notice and we can make your archive storage unit available for you to access either inside or outside of office hours.

AT PODS – we have a variety of storage unit sizes ranging from our smallest 35 sq foot unit up to 130 sq feet and larger depending on the volume you have to store.

Sorting it all out

Naturally, with our archive and document storage services, we’ll be happy to pick up your boxes and transport them safely to our premises. We can validate the transfers for your peace of mind and for you to keep in your business records. That way you will always know where everything is stored.

If you need some help in getting your paperwork under control we can help here too as we can provide archive boxes, plastic crates and other packaging if required. Just give the team at PODS a call. Tell us your archive and document storage challenge and we’ll provide a competitive quote. Our team will help you to get your paperwork in order and safely stored.

Trusted by Growing Businesses Worldwide

PODS operate in the UK, across the US, Canada and Australia working with companies such as Lloyds Banking Group, Debenhams, Century21, Taylor Wimpey Homes, Nike Golf, Mercedes Benz, Belfor, Aviva and other high profile clients as well as small local businesses.

You can trust the PODS archive and document storage solution to reduce your paperwork problems and let you get on with growing your business.

Call PODS now on 0161 641 7771 and let’s get things sorted.

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