Moving & Storage
Has Never Been
So Easy

Looking for a unique and stress free way to move house and store your things? Well look no further, PODS has the answer!

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Sorry, it looks like we do not operate this service in your current postcode area. Please call us to discuss your options.

Sorry, it looks like we do not operate this service in your current postcode area. Please call us to discuss your options.

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The Easiest Way to Move & Store

PODZilla Delivery System UK - Storage Container lifting


We'll deliver your PODS moving container to your location, whenever and wherever you need it. On your driveway or even on the side of the road.

PODS Moving Container


Load your PODS container your way and in your own time. Or our expert loading team can load it for you, protecting all carpets and furniture as we go.

pods containers warehouse storage


When you're ready we'll collect your packed and loaded PODS container and store inside our secure storage facility for as long as you need.

PODS - We Deliver Truck


We can deliver your PODS container across the road, across town or even across the country, giving you complete control of your move.

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Benefits of PODS Portable Storage Units

1. We do all the driving

We bring a sturdy, steel-framed, portable container to your home or apartment. Take all the time you need to load it or we can load it for you. When you’re ready, we’ll pick it up and deliver it to your new place. That’s moving and storage on your terms!


PODS - We Deliver Truck


With PODS you can move on your schedule. Take your time to load and unload so as you pack you can load your items into the secure PODS container, keeping your house clutter free and making the moving process less stressful.

You can load and unload over a few weeks or longer if required, unlike any other moving or self storage service in Manchester!

If you are moving house and need temporary storage PODS is the perfect choice. We are flexible, affordable and work to your schedule.

PODS Moving and Storage Containers Loading


PODS helps you keep the costs down. There’s no need to hire expensive removal firms or go through hassle of hiring a van, paying security deposits, fuel and having to do it all in one day. We deliver, move and collect on your schedule and because PODS can complete multiple moves in one day we pass our savings onto you.

Moving with PODS is an easy and cost effective way to move leaving you a few extra pounds to spruce up your new home! Moving and Storing with just one company not only saves you money but time and stress too! It’s an affordable option with no compromise on customer service.

PODS Stress Free

How It Works

We Deliver

Right to your door. Our patented PODZilla Lift System can place a PODS container into the tightest of spaces. Our highly experienced team can get your container right where you need it, often on the busiest of city centre streets. Once your PODS container is in place you are free to load in your own time, without the pressure of a removals van outside waiting to leave.

Have your PODS Moving and Storage container delivered a few days or weeks before you’re due to move keeping any stress to a minimum.

PODZilla Delivery System UK - Storage Container lifting

You Load

Once delivered, whether on a drive or on the road, your secure PODS container is then yours for as long you need. Just load at your convenience and store until you are ready for us to collect. All our PODS Containers have a secure opaque polypropylene roof keeping your items out of sight but crucially allowing light in when loading. Plus all our PODS containers weather resistant, so perfectly safe for your more delicate items such as soft furnishings.

If you need help loading your items into storage, just let us know. We have expert teams to help load your items into storage. We’ll protect furniture as we go. Whether you’re storing long or short term, we have you covered.


Stress free moving - PODS Removals and Storage Containers being loaded

We Move

Ready to move in right away? No problem, once your PODS container is loaded we will collect and deliver it directly to your new home. And as with loading, you can keep the PODS container for as long as your require, simply unloading the items for each room as you have them ready. Just let us know how long you need your PODS container for and we will collect once you are done.
It is the unique patented PODS containers that make our moving and storage solution so convenient and flexible. For a free no obligation quote for your Manchester move simply click to Get a Quote or call our friendly team on 0161 300 9712.

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PODS Delivery

Need to Add Storage - no Problem!

Perhaps you are moving home but haven’t found your new house yet? Or you need to get the house ready and don’t want your possessions there right away? PODS have the answer.

Once your PODS container is fully packed we can collect it and take it to our secure Manchester Storage Centre. Here you have 24 hour access to your container while safe in the knowledge your possessions are being looked after while you concentrate on getting your new home ready.

Self Storage Tips

What are PODS Moving Costs?

It’s a great question! When you’re moving and storage there is so much to think about and it’s not just about service, we know that cost plays a massive part too.

Our moving costs are much cheaper than traditional removal services. Because we deliver, move and collect multiple containers in a day it means we can do more jobs. A traditional removal company who come and load you into storage or move you to your new house are tied up all day so you pay a premium. With a PODS container – pods moving costs are cheaper as our drivers can move from job to job and you can take your time to load over a few days or weeks!

Essentially we offer storage containers for moving as they are completely portable. Our prices are cheaper when compared with both standard removal services or traditional self storage sites.

The cost of moving PODS is dependent on your location and where we are moving it to. If you are moving locally a single delivery charge is from just £60. You can request a quote from one of the team by filling in this quick form or build your quote and book online here.