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Whether you need an on-site unit in your driveway or want to keep your belongings in a secure facility, your PODS personal storage team has got your back with flexible solutions built around your needs.

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Sorry, it looks like we do not operate this service in your current postcode area. Please call us to discuss your options.

Sorry, it looks like we do not operate this service in your current postcode area. Please call us to discuss your options.

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Mobile Storage Services

PODS Containers

PODS containers are ideal for 2 bed + properties and provide a unique mobile self storage solution.

We will deliver a storage container to your door, where you can load it in your own time. The container can stay at your home for as long as you need or we can collect it into our secure indoor storage facility.

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Small Self Storage Units

Our small self storage units are ideal if you are looking to declutter, clear a few rooms during a renovation projects or are in a flat / apartment.

These units are delivered, loaded and transported back into our secure indoor storage facility by our expert teams.

Small Storage Units

PODS Small Storage Unit 2 x 35sqft storage units

Removals & Storage

Do you want a one stop shop for removals and storage? The PODS service is an ideal, stress free solution.

Our expert team will load your belongings into storage, protecting all furniture as they go. Need help packing? No problem! We offer fragile, part or full packing services.

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What Our Customers Say

The Benefits of Mobile Storage

Only Load & Unload Once

With a PODS storage container you don’t need to worry about loading and unloading your items multiple times, into a van, into a storage room, out of storage into a van and then out of the van back to your home.

PODS enables you to load and unload just once as we bring the storage to your door.

The Benefits

loading PODS container for house moving manchester

Secure Storage Facility

Our secure indoor storage facility has a 24/7 security guard and CCTV throughout for your peace of mind.

You can access to your stored container 7 days a week.

Secure Storage

Altrincham Self Storage - PODS container storage units stacked in warehouse

Secure Onsite Storage

You can choose to keep your mobile self storage container at your property for as long as you need, so if you are renovating you clear you house but still have easy access to your belongings.

Flexibility no other storage company can offer.

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Our PODS storage units are designed with the customer in mind to make moving and storing as easy as possible. With a multiple storage sizes available – PODS storage containers come direct to your door. They can be lowered down to ground level for loading and because they come to you you don’t need to worry about hiring a van! 

PODS Containers

All 3 PODS Container Sizes

PODS Self Storage

PODS self-storage is a uniquely convenient solution for people looking to store or move possessions. Instead of hiring a separate moving and storage company, we deliver portable on-demand storage (PODS) container to your location and then transport it to our warehouse for as long as you require. This innovative system transforms the self-storage experience from the ground up. 

Benefits of using PODS for self-storage

The benefits of using PODS for self-storage are considerable. Advantages of this innovative and unique service include:-

1. Self-Storage That Comes To You

PODS self-storage comes to you. With us, you don’t need to load your car or van with belongings and unload them when you arrive at our warehouse. Instead, you can fill your container at home, as if it was another room, and wait for us to collect it. No driving across town or hiring vehicles; just a hassle-free service. 

2. Door-To-Door Convenience

PODS also offers door-to-door self-storage Manchester residents love. Our trucks deliver containers to convenient and legal locations, ready for you to fill with your possessions. 

Once you finish packing and loading, our team collects the PODS container and transports it to a location of your choosing, including our secure warehouse. Then, we return the container to you whenever you want it. 

3. Save Time And Money

The PODS moving and storage system also saves you time and money. Instead of travelling to a depot or arranging multiple third-party collection services, our team takes care of the entire process for you. There’s no need to move your belongings because we do all that for you. 

4. Avoid Double-Handling Your Possessions

Another benefit of the PODS system is that it reduces double handling. Regular storage depots require you to place items in a vehicle, remove them at the self-storage facility, and then place them in your allocated container. But with PODS, you only need to pack items away once, again saving you time. 

5. Secure, Flexible, And Portable

PODS offer superior security, flexibility, and portability. Containers come in three sizes and offer exceptional security on- and off-site. Steel interlocking mechanisms protect goods on your driveway while those at our facilities benefit from additional security, including 24/7 CCTV. 

You can keep your PODS container for as long as you require, just like a regular self-storage company. Unlike regular removal services, we do not set a time limit for loading or unloading your container. There are no deadlines, so no pressure on you. You move when you’re ready. You can also store your belongings with us for as long as you need – great for when you move home. 

Is PODS Self-Storage A Good Solution For You?

PODS self-storage is the ideal solution for people looking for safe, convenient, and secure storage for their possessions. Choose us and say goodbye to double-handling and an inconvenient service, a standard self storage facility.

It’s not only storage clients that can benefit from the PODS service.

We offer a full range of competitively priced services. These include full packing services, loading and unloading, business and office moves and convenient warehouse storage.

Whether you’re staying local or moving anywhere in the UK, our fully flexible moving and storage packages are designed to meet your needs

Our sales team are experts in all aspects of moving, storage and logistics. We are committed to making packing, moving and storing your items as easy as possible, all with great customer service at an affordable price.

It’s not just self storage Manchester, it’s PODS storage – tailored to you!

That’s why when it comes to moving and self storage Manchester based customers trust PODS storage solutions. In fact, over five million satisfied PODS customers worldwide have used our unique approach to removals and storage and come back to us time and time again. Call us today for your FREE quote.

How much does PODS storage cost?

PODS Storage Prices

PODS storage costs are dependent on the size of storage unit you choose and the length of time you store for. Our smaller units start from just £9 per week on our current offer.

We have units from 35sqft, 70sqft, 100sqft and 130sqft. You can also mix and match our storage units to fit in with your needs.

Why not check out our current offers to see which saves you the most money on your PODS storage price.

PODS Offers

PODS Offers