4+ Bed House Moving Pack (42 boxes)

4+ Bed House Moving Pack (42 boxes)


If you are moving a 4 bed house then you know you’ll need a lot of boxes to pack up your whole house! Our 4 bed box pack and moving house kit gives you 42 boxes so is super sized! All boxes are double walled and strong. They can be used multiple times and are great for storage.

The 4+ bed moving and storage kit gives you 42 boxes in total with all the extras including bubble wrap, tape and pens.

  • 15 x Small Moving Boxes
  • 12 x Medium Moving Boxes
  • 15 x Large Moving Boxes
  • 5 x Tall Moving Boxes
  • 3 x Brown Packing Tape
  • 2 x Fragile Tape
  • 2 x Black Marker Pen
  • 100m x Bubble Wrap (750mm wide by the meter)
(image for illustration – items may differ)


Price includes delivery to your door

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