Wardrobe Box with Hanging Rail

Wardrobe Box with Hanging Rail


Wardrobe boxes can be so handy when you are moving or storing your items. Forget piles of crumpled clothes or trying to move items from hangers just to put them back on again at your new place. Our wardrobe box comes complete with hanging rail so you can simply lift the items out of your wardrobe and place them on the rail inside the box. The rails are sturdy and each wardrobe box had a cardboard door. If you’re not ready to unpack right away our wardrobe boxes are so sturdy they can even serve as a temporary wardrobe or storage solution.

It can easily store 30 items so your clothes will be stored wrinkle free.

Order your boxes by phone or email with PODS. We can schedule the delivery with your container or prior to your moving or storage service, whatever works best for you!

Size: W 20" x H 48" x L 18"


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